Tesla: A Consumer Brand Relationship Strategy – COMSTRAT 564

Consumer Behavior and Brand Development

For this assignment, students were given an option on an advertising campaign that they were supposed to critique and provide information about a company’s marketing and advertising.  So naturally, I chose a company that officially doesn’t do any marketing or advertising.  I chose Tesla because I thought it would be a valuable experience to see how a company could get advertising through alternate methods.  Tesla is a media darling, and found a way to exploit news and social media platforms to disseminate its information by using the persuasive power of its founder, while leveraging their product releases through their immensely popular social media channels and organic search and earned media routes.  The research for my Tesla Final Paper included studying Tesla’s customer personas, and doing a market analysis of other competitors to see how successful Tesla was doing compared to them.  I created a survey specifically for this and collected data to show that Tesla had near-universal brand recognition.  Their next biggest competitors To Tesla were far less widely known.  In writing this paper I was able to learn how alternate media strategies could lead to a success, and that traditional advertising wisdom is not the only route to marketing.

COMSTRAT 564 Course Description
Tactics and strategies for consumer analysis and brand development; skills necessary for uncovering consumer insights to link client objectives, account management, creative development, and media planning.

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Tesla Final Paper

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