Target White Sale: Storytelling Across Multiple Channels – COMSTRAT 701

Master’s Capstone

The first prompt for this course was a hybrid project that covered many of the different areas of study in the Strategic Communications program.  This specific project combined skills learned in COM 561 – Multimedia Content Creation, COMSTRAT 564 – Consumer Behavior and Brand Development, and COMSTRAT 563  – Professional Digital Content Promotion.  To create this report, I conducted some market research on a local competitor, Fred Meyer, and compared their social media outreach to Target’s social media campaign.  I also created a short video to be used on social media.

The video that I created focused on user visibility, content, and length.  Using Final Cut Pro X, I was able to create a short video segment that was both eye-catching and attractive, using short hashtag-style text over the top of some graphics to create an appealing advertising campaign for a White Sale that would be effective in social media feeds, especially Facebook and Twitter.  With my experience in editing, I was able to use different editing techniques that are not typically used in the new-style video editing that I have done professionally.  I also used the latest version of Final Cut Pro, rather than version 7, which is what I was previously trained on.  By challenging myself like this I was able to not only create an interesting advertisement, but also learn the significantly updated program and its capabilities.

COMSTRAT 701 Course Description – A balloted Master’s Capstone culminating project with five deliverables and an online portfolio, focused on various courses taken throughout the Master of Strategic Communication program.

Target™ White Sale – Social Media Campaign

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