Sonatino: Social Media Marketing Plan – COMSTRAT 563

Professional Digital Content Promotion

This assignment was an opportunity to create both a website and a social media marketing plan that outlined the audiences, and conducted a market analysis, and SWOT analysis of the potential of the website.  This marketing plan outlined the process of creating and market testing potential logos through a consumer survey, and also through the design phase of the website through a wireframe mockup.  I chose the name Sonatino for the website based on market research.  For my final project created the Sonatino Social Media Marketing Plan.

My inspiration behind this project was my background in music – I am both a composer and performer and saw a potential for a website that would connect composers, performers, and music directors in a central location. The goal was to give a forum where new musical compositions and arrangements, and videos and audio of performances could be shared, and where unknown composers could get a start.  The website turned out to be more challenging to create than the tool that we were using for the class was able to handle, so I had to compromise and find innovative workarounds, and still maintain website functionality.

COMSTRAT 563 Course Description – The application of writing, critical thinking, and persuasion skills to the practice and promotion of PR and advertising in both digital and social media outlets.

Sonatino Social Media Marketing PlanScreen Shot 2017-04-02 at 2.38.37 PM

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